Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Which Witch?!

My inspiration for this project is the book "Miss Nelson is Missing" by Harry Allard. My younger students LOVE this book and love the ending. They're certainly glad they don't have a teacher like Ms. Viola Swamp!

Technically, this is the implied bottom-half of Viola Swamp. Realistically, it's a witch. Gasp! Choke! Cough! Ahem!

You will need:

12x18 colored paper for the background

9x12 colored paper for the skirt

small fabric swatch for the patch

assorted buttons for decoration

3"x3" square pieces to fan-fold for the bows on the shoes

black and white crayons

witch shoe tracers (made mine out of old file folders)

I do this project step-by-step with my kiddos and it takes ONE day (55 minutes). We cut a symmetrical skirt, add the legs/stockings and glue on the rest. I sure don't tell them it's a (gasp!) witch, but we do this around the end of October, so take it like you see it.
Have fun...

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